Together, we make the world a bit better, one digital solution at a time.

At Madhack, creative people with different skills team up to find digital solutions to important social challenges.

This time it's about making Christmas more sustainable. Surely, it's great to celebrate Christmas. But we also think it's time for a sustainable celebration. Where we buy fewer things nobody needs, throw less food and more people can participate.

Hope to see you 16-17 November!

It's time for a sustainable Christmas.

Madhack will take you on a unique journey in a creative process. It's not as complicated as it sounds, but it is guaranteed a hackathon that differs from others. We start at GRO36 in Jönköping on Friday 16-17 November at 17.00.

GRO36 is a coworking space and meeting place in Jönköping where startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and consultants share networks and business in a dynamic working environment among palms, whiteboards, and ping-pong tables. The venue is designed to maximize your productivity and boost creativity.

Price 150 SEK. The price includes materials as well as food and drinks during both days.

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